Yang Yang

Deep Learning Researcher/Engineer


I work as Sr. Staff Deep Learning Engineer at Qualcomm AI Research in San Diego. My research interests include deep generative models, neural data compression (image/video/speech compression), and machine learning for combinatorial optimization (e.g., graph-level compiler optimization). I am passionate about designing deep learning solutions to challenging problems and deploying them to edge devices.

I received my Ph.D. from the Ohio State University in 2015 on wireless networking. Before joining AI Research, I worked on wireless physical layer design (reference signal, channel estimation, tracking loop), channel coding design, and standardization for 5G NR (patent).


Mar 18, 2022 Completed Chapter 2 Normalizing Flows of our deep generative models book :fire:
Mar 5, 2022 :checkered_flag: Post Quantization for Neural Networks is up! :checkered_flag:
Aug 1, 2021 My research focus is transitioned from neural data compression to MLCO. :thinking:
Jun 19, 2021 Checkout my team’s demo: Real-time on-device neural video decoding (CVPR 2021); More
May 7, 2021 Co-organized ICLR 2021 Neural Compression Workshop :book:
Apr 3, 2021 :checkered_flag: Post on how to enforce Lipschitz constant in neural networks is up! :checkered_flag:

selected publications

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    Transformer-based Transform Coding
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  2. ICIP
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  3. JSP
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    Feedback Recurrent Autoencoder
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  5. ACCV
    Feedback Recurrent Autoencoder for Video Compression
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  6. CVPR
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    Automatic Grammar Augmentation for Robust Voice Command Recognition
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  8. CVPR-W
    Phase Selective Convolution
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